Last reviewed on 17 June 2021
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If you're reviewing your policy for most able, more able or gifted and talented pupils, take a look at these examples from primary and secondary schools for some inspiration.

Please note: Schools use a number of different terms to refer to their policies concerning higher-achieving pupils. These include more able, most able, and gifted and talented pupils.

Primary school example

Community school in Swindon

The most able policy from Lawn Primary School includes sections on:

  • Identifying most able pupils
  • The characteristics of an able child
  • Disadvantaged most able pupils
  • The school's provision

Academy school in Nottinghamshire

The Forest View Academy has an academically more and most able policy.

It covers:

  • Identifying more and most able pupils, including the procedure for identifying most able pupils
  • Provision for the 2 groups of pupils
  • How the school involves parents and carers

Secondary school examples

Academy in West Sussex

Worthing High School has a policy on meeting the needs of most able students

It outlines:

  • The definition of 'most able students'
  • The provision made
  • Opportunities for students
  • The GCSE curriculum pathway available

Foundation school in Bedfordshire