Last reviewed on 9 November 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 41600

Adapt our model to help you write your own teaching and learning policy to set out what good looks like for your school, and see examples from primary, secondary and special schools.

Download our model policy 

Please note: you're not required to have a teaching and learning policy, and Ofsted doesn't expect you to have one. 

Our model:

  • Takes account of relevant requirements, guidance and good practice
  • Is approved by Forbes Solicitors
  • Is easy to adapt to save you time

It covers: 

  • What good teaching and learning looks like
  • Roles and responsibilities of staff, pupils, parents and governors to help make this happen 
  • How this ties into other policies you may have, such as curriculum, assessment, and marking and feedback policies

Examples: primary schools

Community school in Essex

Clavering Primary School's teaching and learning policy sets out the teaching and learning principles that the school works towards.

It includes the school's aims for:

  • The school environment and community
  • Pupils’ experiences at the school
  • The curriculum
  • Its pupils as learners
  • Its pupils’ values
  • Its pupils as citizens in society

Planning Differentiation The roles and responsibilities of staff, pupils,