Last reviewed on 5 July 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 38030

Learn what policies you should open a consultation on, and how to best consult with staff, unions and parents.

Consulting with staff and unions

The union ASCL provided us with the advice in this section. Other unions may have different stances, so check with the unions represented at your school.

What to consult on

You must consult with union representatives or employees about policies related to health and safety matters. This is explained in more detail on pages 20-21 of the Acas advisory booklet available here.

There are no other policies you must consult on, but you should consult on changes to:

  • HR policies like pay, appraisal and anything that affects your staff's terms and conditions of employment
  • Policies that directly impact the work of teachers, such as behaviour management policies

How to consult

How long the process lasts will depend on the extent of the changes. Make sure everyone is given a reasonable amount of time to respond though. Your