Absence data and expectations

  • Attendance: national, LA and school data
    Compare your school's attendance data to others locally and nationally, using our summary of the data and templates. Learn how the data is collected and how to make your own data tables using the DfE website.
  • Attendance: the legal requirements
    Parents and carers have a legal responsibility to send their child to school. Read on for guidance on authorised absence and learn what to do if pupils aren't attending.
  • Study leave for pupils: requirements and guidance
    Find out if you can grant study leave and what you need to consider when granting it for pupils in year 11, 12 and 13. Plus, learn which absence codes to use, and whether study leave counts towards attendance figures.
  • Working together to improve school attendance: guidance summary
    Get to grips with the DfE’s non-statutory guidance on improving school attendance. Be clear on your expectations on taking a whole-school approach, analysing attendance data, and engaging with families to understand barriers to attendance.