Absence and attendance

Absence data and expectations

4 articles
  • Attendance: national, LA and school data
    Compare your school's attendance data to others locally and nationally, using our summary of the data and templates. Learn how the data is collected and how to make your own data tables using the DfE website.
  • Attendance: the legal requirements
    Parents and carers have a legal responsibility to send their child to school. Read on for guidance on authorised absence and learn what to do if a pupil isn't attending.
  • Study leave for pupils: requirements and guidance
    Find out if you can grant study leave and what you need to consider when granting it. Plus, learn which absence codes to use, and whether study leave counts towards attendance figures.

Authorised and unauthorised absence

4 articles
  • Absence and attendance in the sixth form
    Find out what you need to record in your register for sixth-form students. Learn about setting sanctions and whether you have to inform parents about students' absence.
  • Absence requests for religious observance
    Make sure you know how to handle requests for absence from both pupils and staff due to religious events. Find links to calendars including religious celebrations, so you can keep on top of dates when you might see absence requests.
  • Pupil term-time absence: what you need to know
    Term-time absences can only be granted in 'exceptional circumstances'. Understand what you need to consider when deciding whether a circumstance is 'exceptional' and making a judgement on how long the pupil needs to be away from school.

Recording attendance

1 articles
  • Attendance register: requirements and guidance
    Be clear on the rules for registering pupil attendance and absence, so you can make sure your school is compliant. Find guidance on when to close the register, and see what approaches other schools take.

Strategies for managing attendance

10 articles
  • Attendance and mental wellbeing: supporting pupils
    Understand how to support pupils struggling with their mental health to attend school, and what to do when they feel like they can’t. Read about your next steps on a whole-school level, how to work with parents and carers and find helpful tips for supporting individual pupils.
  • Attendance contracts
    Get advice on attendance contracts, including when to use them, what they should include and what to do when parents don't follow them.
  • Attendance reintegration plans
    Support pupils to improve their attendance with our template reintegration plan. Get guidance on how to work with the pupil and their family to create an effective plan that's tailored to the individual's barriers to attendance.