• Independent review panel hearings: procedures
    Parents have the right to request a review of your governing board's decision not to reinstate a pupil after exclusion. This review is done by an independent review panel (IRP), convened by the local authority (LA) or academy trust. Get an overview of how the hearing will run and what the outcomes might be.
  • Off-rolling: how to identify and prevent it
    Ofsted will look for evidence of 'off-rolling' in your permanent exclusions practice. Find out what it is – and what it isn't – as well as what you can do to address it in your school.
  • Reintegrating a pupil after a suspension: guidance
    Read about creating an integration strategy to help support pupils on a fresh start following suspension. Find out what to cover in a reintegration meeting, and download our template strategy plan to get your staff, pupils and parents on the same page.