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  • Excluding a pupil: procedures Be clear when you can lawfully exclude a pupil and what you must consider before making a decision.
  • Excluding a pupil with SEND: requirements and guidance Understand the steps you need to take before excluding a pupil with SEND, especially if they have an EHC plan, and learn about how your statutory duties may affect your decision.
  • Exclusions: resolving difficulties with parents Advice on what to do if parents don't co-operate with an exclusion, or behave in an unacceptable way during the process.
  • Independent review panel hearings for permanent exclusions Is there guidance on independent review panels for permanently excluded pupils? We relay statutory guidance on independent review panels, covering parents’ rights, timescales, the constitution of the panel and the process to be followed. You will also find advice on delaying or adjourning a review.
  • Internal exclusions Does an internal exclusion count as a legal exclusion? We explain the legal status of internal exclusion and look at its use where there are safeguarding concerns. You will find advice on the use of isolation or seclusion in schools and examples of school policies referring to internal exclusion.
  • Managed moves and directing pupils off site to improve behaviour Pupils with challenging behaviour who struggle to regulate their behaviour in school can be temporarily directed off site, or part of a 'managed move' to another school. Understand the procedures for each option, and find out about the best way to deal with failed managed moves and non-attendance at alternative provision settings.