Parents on school trips: guidance and templates

Get tips on how best to support parent volunteers on school trips. Download our template letter to recruit volunteers, as well as a pack of resources to help make sure parents feel fully confident on the trip.

Last reviewed on 15 November 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Recruiting parent volunteers 
  2. Keeping pupils safe 
  3. Ensuring confidentiality
  4. Maximising the effectiveness of parents
  5. Examples from schools

Recruiting parent volunteers 

Work out how many parents you’ll need

Your risk assessment will help you determine the adult to child ratio needed to carry out the trip safely.

See our article on staffing ratios for trips for further guidance.

Download our template letter 

Send out your request via email or through your parent communication platform. 

 Ask for help as early as possible to increase your chances of finding volunteers. 

Decide who to bring

If you’re lucky, you will have more volunteers than spots on the trip, so you will have the luxury of deciding who you want to invite.

Do they have any knowledge about the learning objectives of the trip? Do they already