Last reviewed on 21 February 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Learn about whole-school strategies and personalised interventions to support the mental health of pupils with SEND. Find resources from charities and get guidance on writing your mental health policy.

Have a robust mental health policy

There's no statutory requirement to have a mental health policy, but having one will help you and your staff provide consistent support to pupils. Your policy could lay out:

  • Your whole-school approach to promoting mental wellbeing (see more about this below) 
  • Warning signs to look out for and what staff should do if they're concerned about a pupil
  • Where pupils can go for support
  • The responsibilities of staff members such as the inclusion lead or the safeguarding team
  • How staff should manage disclosures 
  • Escalation processes
  • The role of parents or carers

 See examples of mental health policies from: 

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