Trans pupils: summary of legal rights

Understand your legal responsibilities around supporting transgender pupils in your school and learn how to make informed decisions around the arrangements you put in place.

Last reviewed on 16 March 2023
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School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Seek legal advice on any challenging decisions you make 
  2. Understand your legal responsibilities 
  3. What this means in practice 

This is a complex and evolving topic, and our understanding is developing all the time. 

While we can't advise on individual cases, within this article we've set out the essential rules to follow and some considerations to bear in mind. For guidance on a more complex situation, seek legal guidance (see more below).

We will update this article accordingly, in response to new guidance and/or cases. Click 'save for later' at the top of the article to be alerted when we do.

Seek legal advice on any challenging decisions you make 

For each decision you make that's complex, or where you're faced with challenge, we highly recommend you seek expert legal advice. Even if you have a policy covering arrangements for transgender pupils, you'll