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  • How to create school-based plans for pupils with SEN Schools are free to choose the format of the school-based SEN plans they use. Find out what to include in your plans and how to use them effectively in your school.
  • Pupil observation reports for SENCOs Use our templates to report observations on pupils with SEND in the classroom or on the playground.
  • Pupil pursuit form: pupils with SEN Is there a 'pupil pursuit' form for pupils with SEN? This article includes a KeyDoc form to download, produced with the help of one of our associate education experts. It is designed to help staff observe and record the experiences of a pupil with special educational needs (SEN) in lessons through the day.
  • Recording and monitoring interventions: template forms Download our forms to record and monitor interventions for all pupils with special educational needs (SEN) in one document.
  • Running a nurture group How should we run a nurture unit? We relay guidance from The Nurture Group Network on running a nurture group and look at a case study from a school. We also address whether the nurture space should also be used to run sanctions and link to an Ofsted report on good practice in nurture provision.