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  • Pupil observation reports for SENCOs Use our templates to report observations on pupils with SEND in the classroom or on the playground.
  • Pupil pursuit form: pupils with SEN Is there a 'pupil pursuit' form for pupils with SEN? This article includes a KeyDoc form to download, produced with the help of one of our associate education experts. It is designed to help staff observe and record the experiences of a pupil with special educational needs (SEN) in lessons through the day.
  • Recording and monitoring interventions: template forms Download our forms to record and monitor interventions for all pupils with special educational needs (SEN) in one document.
  • Running a nurture group How should we run a nurture unit? We relay guidance from The Nurture Group Network on running a nurture group and look at a case study from a school. We also address whether the nurture space should also be used to run sanctions and link to an Ofsted report on good practice in nurture provision.
  • SEN review meetings with parents: guidance Be clear on the requirements and get guidance on how to run special educational needs (SEN) review meetings, including what to cover, who to invite and next steps. Download our template so you can keep track of key points.
  • SEN support plans: guidance and templates What you include in a pupil's SEN support plan will depend on the purpose of the plan. Get help deciding what you need to cover and use our templates to help you develop a school-based plan.
  • Using individual education plans (IEPs) You're not required to create IEPs anymore, but take a look at some suggestions about what to include if you do use them. There's also some templates from local authorities.