Last reviewed on 2 September 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Ofsted inspectors don't expect to see written pupil case studies. Understand how Ofsted will learn about and evaluate pupil experiences of your school, including which pupil groups and topics they are likely to focus on.

Don't prepare written case studies 

Ofsted doesn't collect written pupil case studies as evidence. Instead, inspectors will gather first-hand evidence during an inspection by talking to and observing pupils. Ofsted told us this.

Familiarise yourself with what these observations will involve and which groups of pupils inspectors are likely to focus on, so you can prepare your staff. 

Inspectors will collect first-hand evidence

As part of their evaluation, inspectors will:

  • Have formal and informal conversations with a wide range of pupils and in a range of situations, including outside of lessons
  • Ask pupils about their experiences of teaching, learning and behaviour in the school

This is set out in paragraphs 134 to 135 of the School Inspection Handbook.

Gauge pupils' understanding and engagement in learning, and gather pupils’ perceptions of the typical quality of education and other aspects of life at the school in a range of subjects (114) Observe and interview pupils or classes who are following the curriculum in lessons