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  • Attendance: what Ofsted is looking for Ofsted will consider your attendance data when making judgements in certain areas. Read about what evidence inspectors will want to look at, and what they want to see in 'outstanding' and 'good' schools.
  • 'Cultural capital': what Ofsted is looking for It's a buzzword from the inspection framework, and Ofsted will consider it when assessing your quality of education, but what does 'cultural capital' mean? Read on to find out, and how inspectors will evaluate it in your school.
  • Definitions: 'disadvantaged pupils' and 'vulnerable' pupils Learn how the DfE and Ofsted define 'disadvantaged' pupils. There's no official definition of 'vulnerable' pupils, but you can see examples of how the DfE and the Children's Commissioner define this group.
  • Health and safety: how to show Ofsted you're fulfilling your duties Ofsted doesn't have set criteria for evaluating health and safety, but it'll report on any failure to comply with statutory requirements. Be clear on your obligations, and good practice, so you feel ready if Ofsted asks.
  • How Ofsted inspects 'behaviour and attitudes' Learn how Ofsted inspects 'behaviour and attitudes' under the 2019 framework. The new judgement covers behaviour, attendance, exclusion and attitudes to learning.
  • How Ofsted inspects early years education Learn how Ofsted inspects your EYFS provision. This judgement covers nursery, reception, provision for two- and three-year-olds and wrap around care.
  • How Ofsted inspects governance UpdatedLearn how governance is inspected under the 2019 Ofsted framework, and the role of governors on inspection day.
  • How Ofsted inspects 'leadership and management' UpdatedUnderstand what parts of school leadership will be judged under the 2019 Ofsted inspection framework. See what evidence you may be expected to provide and read a summary of the grade descriptors.
  • How Ofsted inspects 'personal development' Learn how Ofsted inspects 'personal development' under the 2019 framework, including how SMSC development is considered. Download our list of questions inspectors might ask about British values.
  • How Ofsted inspects safeguarding Understand what Ofsted expects to see in your safeguarding arrangements, and what evidence inspectors will collect during an inspection. Get ahead of the game by downloading our list of questions Ofsted might ask about child protection.
  • How Ofsted inspects sixth forms UpdatedIf you have sixth form provision at your school, learn how Ofsted will inspect it under the 2019 framework.
  • How Ofsted inspects your curriculum Ofsted's 'quality of education' measure puts your curriculum in the spotlight. Find out how inspectors will judge your intent, implementation and impact, the evidence they'll rely on, and what makes an 'outstanding' quality of education.
  • How Ofsted will assess RSE (primary) NewRelationships and sex education (RSE) won't be inspected on its own - instead, Ofsted will look at how you're meeting statutory requirements for RSE, and consider this within your personal development, and leadership and management.
  • How to expand narrow definitions of ‘cultural capital’ 'Cultural capital' doesn't have to be limited to culture that's mostly white, middle-class and male. Find out how to provide your pupils with cultural capital that celebrates all cultures and values diversity, to prepare them for life in modern Britain.
  • Ofsted 'deep dives': geography (primary) Find out what Ofsted inspectors might ask during a geography 'deep dive'. Read our curriculum questions – they're based on inspections under the 2019 framework.
  • Ofsted 'deep dives': maths (primary) Find out what Ofsted inspectors might ask during a maths 'deep dive'. Download our list of questions - it's based on inspections under the 2019 framework.
  • Ofsted 'deep dives': reading (primary) Find out what Ofsted inspectors might ask during a reading 'deep dive'. Download our list of questions - it's based on inspections under the 2019 framework.
  • Ofsted 'deep dives': science Find out what Ofsted inspectors might ask during a science 'deep dive'. Download our list of questions - it's based on inspections under the 2019 framework.
  • School policies: what Ofsted is looking for Ofsted inspectors won't grade your policies, but they'll want to know how you're implementing them. Find out what inspectors would want to see from your school.
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  • How Ofsted inspects SEND provision See how Ofsted inspects SEND provision in special schools and mainstream schools with SEND provision. Find out what inspectors look for, how they gather evidence, and how they assess outcomes.
  • Teaching assistants' role in Ofsted inspections Inspectors won't judge individual teaching assistants – they're more interested in how effectively you use them. However, your TAs might get asked about safeguarding and behaviour. Find out what Ofsted expects from TAs so you can be prepared.
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  • How to keep governors Ofsted-ready UpdatedIf you update your board regularly on what's going on in your school, governors will likely be more than ready for an Ofsted inspection. Hand out our checklist and list of questions so governors know the key things to do throughout the year and what inspectors might ask them.
  • Ofsted inspection: curriculum FAQs Not sure how Ofsted will inspect your curriculum? Get answers to frequently asked questions under the 2019 framework.
  • Ofsted inspection: curriculum FAQs from small schools, special schools, PRUs and AP settings Not sure how the 2019 framework will apply in your setting? Get answers to frequently asked questions about curriculum inspection in schools like yours.
  • Ofsted pre-inspection checklist UpdatedYou've received the call from Ofsted that you’re going to be inspected. Here’s what to do before they arrive, and the information you need to make available by the start of the inspection.
  • Preparing for Ofsted: presentations Are there presentations on preparing for inspection? We link to a presentation on preparing for inspection, aimed at deputy headteachers. We also refer to further articles with guidance on preparing for inspection.
  • Role of the school office in an Ofsted inspection Support staff may be interviewed by Ofsted inspectors. Read our article to find out what they should know, and how your office team can support with inspection preparations.
  • SIAMS inspections: what you need to know UpdatedGet ready for your next SIAMS inspection with our summary of the 2018 evaluation schedule, and make sure you're clear on the relationship between these inspections and those conducted by Ofsted.
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  • Questions Ofsted might ask about inclusion and attendance What questions might inspectors ask on inclusion and attendance? Our associate experts suggest questions that might be asked, and describe what inspectors may be looking for. One of our experts also explains why inspectors may wish to speak to an inclusion manager.
  • Questions Ofsted might ask EYFS staff Share these questions with your Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) staff so they can prepare for an inspection. Each question includes suggestions of evidence they could use to support their answers.
  • Questions Ofsted might ask headteachers and the SLT Download our list of questions Ofsted inspectors might ask. You'll find questions related to COVID-19, covering topics like how you've delivered remote learning, kept pupils safe and supported your staff during the pandemic.
  • Questions Ofsted might ask middle leaders Download our list of questions to find out what Ofsted inspectors might ask about your curriculum – it’s based on 8 inspections under the 2019 framework. Plus, see what inspectors might ask about other judgement areas.
  • Questions Ofsted might ask SBMs Learn what questions Ofsted inspectors might ask school business managers (SBMs) during an inspection under the 2019 Ofsted framework, and read some tips for preparing for inspection.
  • Questions Ofsted might ask SENCOs Download our list of questions to find out what Ofsted inspectors might ask you as a special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO) under the 2019 inspection framework. Plus, get tips on how to make the most of your inspection meeting.
  • Questions Ofsted might ask teachers (primary) Share our questions with your teachers so they know what inspectors might ask them about the curriculum – they're based on 8 inspections under the 2019 framework. Plus, get your teachers Ofsted-ready in other judgement areas.
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  • 2019 Ofsted inspection framework: what it means for your school UpdatedA revised Ofsted inspection framework came into force in September 2019. Read on to find out what to do under this current framework, how to assess your curriculum's 'intent, implementation and impact' with our prompts, and know how inspectors will judge behaviour in your school.
  • Frequency of Ofsted inspections Find out how often Ofsted inspects schools and get an idea of when your next inspection will be.
  • Inspection judgements: Ofsted grade descriptors UpdatedUse our side-by-side comparison of Ofsted grade descriptors, which reflect the April 2021 School Inspection Handbook updates, to understand the criteria inspectors use to make their judgements.
  • Inspection of alternative provision UpdatedLearn how Ofsted inspects pupil referral units (PRUs) and alternative provision (AP) academies. You'll also find information covering inspection of off-site units and residential provision.
  • Inspection of schools rated ‘requires improvement’ Schools rated 'requires improvement' may receive a monitoring inspection prior to a section 5 re-inspection. Read on to find out more about the frequency of inspections for schools rated 'requires improvement', and what happens during such inspections.
  • Ofsted inspections in summer 2021 UpdatedOfsted is continuing with monitoring inspections for 'inadequate' and some 'requires improvement' schools - this is in addition to section 8 inspections for some 'good' schools. Find out how visits will be carried out for your school grade.
  • Section 8 inspections for 'good' and 'outstanding' schools UpdatedBe ready for your next section 8 inspection when Ofsted restarts routine inspections in autumn 2021. Here's what happens before, during and after, and what Ofsted will be looking for.
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