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  • 2019 Ofsted inspection framework: what it means for your school A revised Ofsted inspection framework came into force in September 2019. Read on to find out what to do under this current framework, how to assess your curriculum's 'intent, implementation and impact' with our prompts, and know how inspectors will judge behaviour in your school.
  • Frequency of Ofsted inspections Find out how often Ofsted inspects schools and get an idea of when your next inspection will be.
  • Inspection judgements: Ofsted grade descriptors Use our side-by-side comparison of Ofsted grade descriptors, which reflect the April 2021 School Inspection Handbook updates, to understand the criteria inspectors use to make their judgements.
  • Inspection of alternative provision Learn how Ofsted inspects pupil referral units (PRUs) and alternative provision (AP) academies. You'll also find information covering inspection of off-site units and residential provision.
  • Inspection of schools rated ‘requires improvement’ Schools rated 'requires improvement' may receive a monitoring inspection prior to a section 5 re-inspection. Read on to find out more about the frequency of inspections for schools rated 'requires improvement', and what happens during such inspections.
  • Ofsted inspections in summer 2021 Ofsted is continuing with monitoring inspections for 'inadequate' and some 'requires improvement' schools - this is in addition to section 8 inspections for some 'good' schools. Find out how visits will be carried out for your school grade.
  • Section 8 inspections for 'good' and 'outstanding' schools Be ready for your next section 8 inspection when Ofsted restarts routine inspections in autumn 2021. Here's what happens before, during and after, and what Ofsted will be looking for.