SIAMS inspections: what you need to know

Get ready for your next SIAMS inspection with our summary of the evaluation schedule, and check you're clear on the relationship between these inspections and those conducted by Ofsted.

Last reviewed on 19 October 2022
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  1. Check if you're likely to be inspected in 2022/23
  2. Changes to the evaluation schedule
  3. September 2022 evaluation schedule
  4. Link with Ofsted inspection
  5. Self-evaluation 

Check if you're likely to be inspected in 2022/23

There's a list of schools likely to be inspected this academic year on the Church of England (CofE) website. 

Find the list on this page under the heading 'lists of schools likely to be inspected in 2022-2023'.

Please note, this list could change as there may be unannounced amendments due to extraordinary circumstances.

Changes to the evaluation schedule

There are no changes for 2022/23.

Changes from September 2021

In 2021, the CofE published a revised evaluation schedule that allowed inspectors to interpret and implement the existing criteria within the context of the pandemic.

A refocus of some criteria in the absence of national assessment data – for example, criteria relating to progress data and teaching and learning in religious education (RE). Instead, the inspection will explore your decisions about the curriculum and the impact of your decisions on learners Repackaging the description of what 'excellence' looks like into a section