How Ofsted inspects 'behaviour and attitudes'

Learn how Ofsted inspects 'behaviour and attitudes' in a graded inspection under the Ofsted inspection framework. This judgement covers behaviour, attendance, exclusion and attitudes to learning.

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  1. What inspectors are looking for
  2. What you need to prepare 
  3. How inspectors will gather evidence 
  4. Grade descriptors 

This article focuses on how the 'behaviour and attitudes' judgement is inspected in a graded (formerly known as a 'section 5') inspection. If your next inspection is going to be an ungraded (formerly known as a 'section 8') inspection, see how Ofsted will inspect 'behaviour and attitudes' in our article on ungraded inspections for 'good' and 'outstanding' schools.

What inspectors are looking for

A calm and orderly environment in the school and classroom Clear routines and behaviour expectations across all aspects of school life  A strong focus on attendance and punctuality, including clear and effective behaviour and attendance policies that all staff apply consistently and fairly  That you're developing pupils' motivation and positive attitudes to learning A positive and respectful school culture in which staff know