Last reviewed on 28 June 2021
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If your vision statement is due for a review, find inspiration in these example statements from primary, secondary and special schools.

Review your vision statement when developing your strategic plan 

As your vision and values form the foundation of your strategic plan, you’ll want to make sure you’re still happy with your vision statement before you delve into strategic planning.

Find out more about how to develop your long-term strategic plan.  

Primary school examples 

Small voluntary controlled school in Worcestershire

Callow End Church of England (CofE) Primary School’s vision statement uses the letters C and E, matching the school’s initials, to show that the school:    

  • Has a Christian ethos
  • Creates a caring environment 
  • Lets children excel 

The statement explains each of these elements in more detail, along with the values they link to, such as trust, truth and respect.  

Medium-size academy in Yorkshire

Nurturing individual pupils  Allowing each child to fulfil their potential  Offering a range of