Action plans for the Early Years Foundation Stage

See examples of EYFS action plans from primary schools. We also link to guidance on writing school improvement plans and post-Ofsted action plans.

Last reviewed on 16 October 2019
School types: All · School phases: Nursery, Primary
Ref: 12859
  1. Action plan
  2. Post-Ofsted EYFS action plan

Action plan

St Anne's Catholic Primary School in Walsall has an EYFS action plan for September 2019.

The plan includes 9 targets, and lists success criteria (actions) against each target.

Post-Ofsted EYFS action plan

Parson Street Primary School in Bristol has a post-Ofsted action plan from 2018 that includes actions related to the EYFS.

The school aimed to bring EYFS attainment in line with national averages, and improve standards in maths and literacy by:

  • Commissioning a phonics and reading review to strengthen practice
  • Exploring strategies for promoting oracy and extending vocabulary
  • Reviewing EYFS interventions
  • Developing capacity for more 1-to-1 reading
  • Providing additional training for teaching assistants
  • Embedding an developing maths mastery approaches
  • Conducting more moderation
  • Reviewing induction support for new staff
  • Reviewing timetable arrangements
  • Developing and refining the use of assessment