Health and safety training

  • Basic fire safety: staff briefing
    Staff fire safety training is a requirement for all schools. Bring everyone together for this 30-minute briefing, which covers key information including how to prevent a fire from starting, what to do if a fire does break out, and how to use fire extinguishers safely.
  • Medicines management: staff briefing New
    Get your staff up to speed on what they need to know about when and how to administer medication in your school, storing medication and administering it on school trips. Cement their understanding with our interactive activities and summary handout to take away.
  • Risk assessment: staff briefing
    Schools have a duty to carry out risk assessments to keep staff, pupils and visitors safe from harm. Use this 30-minute briefing to get all staff up to speed with how to go about creating a risk assessment.
  • Working at height: staff briefing New
    Make sure your staff feel confident that they know how to work safely at height. Save time with our 30-minute presentation and downloadable resources so you can deliver an interactive and meaningful session.