• Admin staff: skills audit Use our template to help admin assistants, finance or office managers review their skills against the ISBL’s standards and identify any actions they need to take.
  • Assistant/deputy headteacher: skills audit Whether you're applying for an assistant or deputy headteacher position or looking to progress and develop in the role, use our audit to assess your skills against the standards and identify any areas where you can improve.
  • Caretaker/site manager: skills audit NewUse our skills audit to help your caretaker/site manager identify their strengths and make plans to develop their skills.
  • Differentiation: audit tools and resources Download our audit to invite teachers to reflect on their use of differentiation in areas such as questioning, resources and tasks set. See if these examples of differentiation strategies could work for you.
  • Headteachers' Standards 2020: self-assessment tool Use our template to check your performance against the Headteachers' Standards 2020, and highlight areas for improvement.
  • IT skills audit for teaching staff UpdatedSpot gaps in your staff's IT knowledge and identify CPD needs to help them deliver high-quality teaching and save them time.
  • Literacy teaching: skills audit for staff See examples of literacy skills audits, and get expert advice on auditing staff members’ GPS skills.
  • Maths skills audits for staff Find examples of audits you can use in your school.
  • Middle leaders' skills audit Go beyond the minimum expectations of the Teachers' Standards and assess yourself against the skills you'll need to progress in your role as a phase, department or subject lead.
  • Primary computing: skills audit NewDownload our subject-specific audit tool to help your staff identify gaps in their knowledge and deliver high-quality computing teaching.
  • School business manager (SBM): skills audit Use our skills audit to assess SBMs against the ISBL's professional standards, so you can identify areas for development.
  • Skills audit for science teaching (primary) Download and adapt our questions to help you audit subject knowledge among your science teachers.
  • Teachers' skills audit Use our audit to assess your teachers' professional development needs against the Teachers' Standards, so you can plan for the next appraisal period. The audit is up-to-date with the latest Ofsted inspection framework and current thinking around teaching and learning best practice.
  • Teaching assistant (TA): skills audit Use our skills audit to help your teaching assistants (TAs) - including those supporting pupils with special educational needs (SEN) - identify their strengths and make plans to nurture their skills.
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  • Leadership CPD
    • Developing the leadership team Get tips on how to develop your leadership team using a leadership framework, as well as case studies on professional development for school leaders.
    • How to develop your middle leaders As a senior leader, you'll always be looking out for up-and-coming talent among your staff. Learn how to show your middle leaders that you recognise their potential and take action to grow it within your school, so you can develop the next generation of senior leaders.
    • School business manager (SBM) training and qualifications See what training is available for SBMs. Find links to specific diplomas in school business management, as well as qualifications in accountancy and other specialist areas of running a school.
    • Senior mental health leads: training Find out about the different training options available for senior mental health leads and how to decide between them.
    • SLT meetings: guidance and agendas Read our tips on how to make the most out of your senior leadership team (SLT) meetings. You'll also find example agenda points and a template for taking minutes.
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  • Managing CPD
    • Coaching in schools Help your staff improve their performance, while creating a more collaborative culture through coaching. Find out what makes an effective coach and how you can make it work in your school.
    • How to develop, monitor and evaluate a CPD programme Find out how to create a professional development programme that’s tailored to the needs of your staff and your school. Learn how to write a CPD action plan, monitor your CPD, and use our template forms to collect feedback and evaluate the programme's impact.
    • Improve staff wellbeing and pupil outcomes by taking a personalised approach to staff CPD The Duston School has seen big improvements in staff wellbeing and retention, as well as pupil performance, by providing an environment where staff can take charge of their own development. See how it was done, and how you can do it too.
    • Staff CPD: paying and recovering costs UpdatedDownload our template CPD agreement, approved by Forbes Solicitors, to use when covering the cost of staff training and qualifications. Also understand how to manage repayments and reimbursements of CPD costs.
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