Lunch and breaktime supervision: staff availability and ratios

Teachers employed under the STPCD as a rule can't supervise lunchbreaks, but they can supervise morning and afternoon breaks. Find out about staffing ratios required for break and lunchtimes and what you'll need to assess to keep pupils safe.

Last reviewed on 19 October 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 8696
  1. Who can we ask to supervise breaks?
  2. Determine your staffing ratios 
  3. Complete a risk assessment
  4. Restrict areas that are out of view of staff 

Who can we ask to supervise breaks?

Teachers in academies  If you're an academy and your teachers aren't employed under the STPCD, you can make your own arrangements for break or lunchtime supervision. However, an ASCL representative told us it's “custom and