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  • Directed time: entitlement to breaks Find out what breaks your teachers are entitled to, how long they should be and the issues to bear in mind, with DfE, ASCL and expert guidance.
  • Directed time: what's covered and how to organise it Understand the rules around directed time and download our directed time calculator to help you organise and allocate the 1,265 hours for your staff. See examples of directed time budgets from schools.
  • Introducing additional INSET days Be clear on when you can introduce extra INSET days for teachers, and what you should consider before doing so.
  • Lunch and breaktime supervision duties for staff You can't require teachers employed under the STPCD to supervise lunchbreaks, but you can make your own arrangements for teachers employed under other terms and conditions. Find out about breaktime supervision duties for support staff and rights to rest breaks.
  • Part-time staff: attending INSET days and meetings Know whether you can make a part-time staff member attend meetings, including parent evenings, and training events, such as INSET days. See the rules for teachers and support staff, and whether you should pro-rata attendance.
  • Part-time teachers' working time Find out the rules on working time for part-time teachers and be clear on their employment conditions under the STPCD. Use our template to make a case to change a part-time teacher’s working days.
  • Rest breaks for support staff Understand your requirements around providing support staff with rest breaks. Find out what to do about pay if support staff members work through their break.
  • SENCOs: teaching commitments Do SENCOs have to teach classes? To answer this question we refer to the SEND Code of Practice and advice from nasen.
  • Staff meetings: schedules and agendas You're not required to have a meeting schedule or agendas. However, it is good practice, and this article points to help with creating these documents and provides guidance on how frequently meetings can be held.