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  • Part-time staff: attending INSET days and meetings Understand the guidance around a part-time staff member attending meetings, including parent evenings, and training events such as INSET days. See the rules for teachers and support staff, and whether you should pro-rata attendance.
  • Part-time teachers' working time Find out the rules on working time for part-time teachers and be clear on their employment conditions under the STPCD. Use our template to make a case to change a part-time teacher’s working days.
  • Rest breaks for support staff Understand your requirements around providing support staff with rest breaks. Find out what to do about pay if support staff members work through their break.
  • Staff meetings: schedules and agendas You're not required to have a meeting schedule or agendas. However, it is good practice, and this article points to help with creating these documents and provides guidance on how frequently meetings can be held.