Allegations against staff: investigation reports

Download our template report to record all the required details when investigating a safeguarding allegation against a staff member. Get guidance on working with your local authority designated officer (LADO) and how to store your records once the investigation has finished.

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  1. Download our template report
  2. Guidance on carrying out your investigation
  3. Storing the report

Download our template report

Adapt it in line with the needs of your school and circumstances of the specific allegation or concern raised in relation to staff members. 

KeyDoc - template report for investigating allegations against staff DOC, 224.5 KB

The template report has sections for you to record:

  • The actions you're taking as part of your investigation
  • The disclosure (the initial conversation when an allegation was disclosed)
  • Safeguarding actions
  • Evidence collected, including witness statements
  • The investigation outcome(s)

You could also use the template as a guide to creating your own investigation report. For more examples of reports, see templates from: 

Get more guidance on how to:

Guidance on carrying out your investigation

Follow your school policies and statutory safeguarding guidance at all times

Have a policy on how to handle allegations of abuse made against staff members, including low-level concerns. This can