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  • Allegations against staff: investigation reports Are there templates of investigation reports on allegations against staff? We link to an investigation report template from the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), and to a template used by a school. We also relay guidance on investigating allegations against staff.
  • Conducting informal investigations into allegations about staff Is there any guidance on informally investigating allegations? This article sets out Edapt's advice on how to determine whether an informal investigation is appropriate. We also outline advice from ACAS, One Education and the NAHT on how to conduct an informal investigation into an allegation.
  • Dealing with a staff member's negativity Is there guidance on dealing with a staff member's negativity? We set out recommendations on how to respond from the unions Voice and ASCL, Acas and one of our associate education experts. We also look at when to implement formal capability or disciplinary procedures.
  • Dealing with staff who do not follow school procedures How can we deal with staff who fail to follow school policy? We relay advice on how to handle this situation from 2 unions and a consultant headteacher. You will find guidance on issuing a management instruction, as well as information about staff codes of conduct.
  • Difficult conversations with staff members: advice Is there advice on handling difficult conversations with school staff? We set out advice on holding difficult meetings, from the headteacher of a teaching school, an Acas guide and a training event run by the Institute of Education. You will also find training videos and a KeyDoc for meeting notes.
  • Staff codes of conduct: guidance and FAQs Must we have a staff code of conduct? We outline advice on requirements to have a code of conduct, how to introduce and embed it and how often to review it. We also look at whether Ofsted inspectors may look at them and whether staff should sign them.
  • Staff drinking on residential trips Have your say and see if other schools let staff drink on residential trips and what rules they put in place.