Last reviewed on 7 April 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find out how 3 schools reduced workload and improved work-life balance for their staff. Use their ideas to retain great people, save on recruitment and make your school a happier place.

Ask for staff opinions

  • Ask your staff members’ opinions on issues that affect their health and wellbeing, such as workload, and how much work they're doing outside of working hours
  • Ask your staff what would make a positive difference to their workload and wellbeing: is it changing the marking policy, or using the school budget for weekly yoga classes?
  • Depending on what comes up the most in your staff responses, make changes where possible. We've suggested some changes you might like to make below, but listen to your staff suggestions first
  • Send out a survey at the start of the school year, and another one at the end of the year, and compare the results. Use our staff survey pack to create your survey: it includes a statement bank covering a range of topics, a survey template and a letter to staff

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