Workload and wellbeing

  • 10 ways to support staff wellbeing and work-life balance
    Find out how other schools are reducing workload and improving work-life balance for their staff. Use their ideas to retain great people, save on recruitment and make your school a happier place.
  • Alcohol at staff parties
    It’s up to you to decide whether staff can drink alcohol at social events. Take a look at some of the things to consider, and see how other schools approach this issue.
  • Developing peer-to-peer mentoring
    Learn how to use peer mentoring effectively and what peer-to-peer sessions might look like, to create a supportive and collaborative culture in your school.
  • How one trust cut its marking workload in half: case study
    Matrix Academy Trust banned detailed written marking, leading to a significant improvement in feedback. Read on to find out how the trust did this, and find a sample marking policy and other resources to learn how you can approach this in your school or trust.
  • How to create a staff mental health and wellbeing action plan
    Know what good staff mental health and wellbeing looks like and get advice on achieving it. Learn ways to check in on your staff as a first step towards creating a staff mental health and wellbeing action plan, and use our template to help you put together a plan that meets the needs of your setting.
  • How to escalate staff wellbeing concerns
    As a line manager, find out how and when to escalate wellbeing concerns about your staff, so you can effectively support them at school.
  • How to improve staff mental health and wellbeing across your trust
    There's no silver bullet to improving mental health and wellbeing across your trust. The needs in one school will be different to another, so it's important you help your schools tailor an approach to their context. Find out what's worked for 5 leaders we spoke to and how you can make it work for you.
    For Trust Leaders
  • How to monitor and support the wellbeing of your headteachers
    Be clear on how you can monitor your headteachers' wellbeing and make sure they feel supported. Use our audit tool to identify any stressors and agree actions to manage them.
    For Trust Leaders
  • How to run a working group to improve staff wellbeing
    Get advice on how to set up and run a working group to improve staff wellbeing and workload in your school.
  • How to run welfare checks for school staff
    Know how to conduct wellbeing checks with your staff so you can effectively provide support and respond to any problems they have. Download our list of discussion questions to help you prepare.
  • How to support your SBM
    As a line manager or senior leader, read expert advice on understanding your school business manager (SBM)'s role. Get to grips with how you can support training and a review of school processes to improve their workload and wellbeing.
  • Marking mythbuster
    Separate fact from fiction around marking and reduce your staff's workload. Learn the truth about what Ofsted expects to see, and understand what effective marking looks like.
  • New headteacher: welcome presentation to staff
    Find out how to introduce yourself to staff for the first time and get advice on what you should cover to help you set the groundwork for building good relationships.
  • Perks and incentives for staff
    Understand what non-financial rewards and incentives you can give staff, so you can show your appreciation and stay compliant.
  • Save time and improve wellbeing by cutting down internal meetings
    Find practical advice on how to reduce meetings in your school.
  • Staff survey pack
    Everything you need to create your staff survey – a statement bank covering a range of topics, plus a survey template and a letter to staff. See examples of staff questionnaires used by schools.
  • Staff wellbeing: how to spot early signs of depression and anxiety
    With an open and honest wellbeing culture in place, you may be able to spot problems early. Get advice on what to look for and what to do if you have concerns.
  • Staff wellbeing: how to use individual action plans
    Find out if individual action plans are right for your school, so you can help support your staff's wellbeing. Download our template and see an example plan to help you confidently create your own.
  • Staff wellbeing questionnaires
    Learn how to write and analyse staff wellbeing questionnaires, and what your next steps should be. Plus, see some examples to help you get started.
  • Staff wellbeing toolkit for line managers
    Use these resources to help you look after the wellbeing of your staff. Feel equipped to spot wellbeing challenges, take the appropriate next steps, and support a whole-school focus on wellbeing.
  • Supporting trans staff
    Cultivate a trans-inclusive atmosphere in your school. Use our action plan to guide you while supporting any staff member through transition, and find advice on communicating with pupils and parents.
  • Teacher workload audit tool
    Use our teacher workload audit tool to spot workload issues and cut down on time wasted on ineffective or unproductive tasks.
  • Trans staff: summary of legal rights
    Understand your legal responsibilities around supporting staff who identify as trans in the workplace and learn how to make informed decisions around the arrangements you put in place.
  • Whole-trust approach to staff mental health and wellbeing: case study
    Find out how a 4-school trust developed a trust-wide approach to staff wellbeing, and how you can do it too.
    For Trust Leaders