Staff wellbeing: how to use individual action plans

Find out if individual action plans are right for your school, so you can help support your staff's wellbeing. Download our template and see an example plan to help you confidently create your own.

Last reviewed on 13 February 2023
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  1. What is an individual action plan for wellbeing?
  2. Download our action plan template
  3. Embed action plans in a whole-school wellbeing culture
  4. Be careful with the language you use 

What is an individual action plan for wellbeing?

It's a document that you can use in line management meetings to help:

  • Identify triggers that may affect a staff member's wellbeing
  • Spot signs that a staff member may be struggling with their wellbeing
  • Put in place measures to help with their wellbeing
  • Help you structure regular check-ins with staff 

Download our action plan template

It includes:

  • A blank template with prompts to help you fill in each section
  • A completed example action plan
KeyDoc - individual wellbeing action plan template and example DOCX, 132.3 KB

Refer back to the action plan regularly

Review these steps regularly (at least once a year) and don’t be afraid to keep