Last reviewed on 18 February 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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There's no silver bullet to improving mental health and wellbeing across your trust. The needs in one school will be different to another, so it's important you help your schools tailor an approach to their context. Find out what's worked for 5 leaders we spoke to and how you can make it work for you.

Thanks to the following trust and school leaders for sharing their insights and experience: Jayne Foster, CEO at Ethos Academy Trust; Patrick Ottley-O'Connor, headteacher at Westhoughton High School; and staff at The Shared Learning Trust - Michelle Woodhams, head of school at The Linden Academy, Tracey King, pastoral and wellbeing support at The Vale Academy, and Harriet Mills, trust marketing and PA to the CEO.

Review your vision and make an overarching commitment at trust-level 

The drive to improve staff mental health and wellbeing has to come from the central team. You play a critical role in creating the culture across your trust, even if your schools have significant autonomy. 

Review your trust vision to make sure it incorporates wellbeing and mental health. Do this as a central team and consider involving your headteachers and chairs of local governing