How to monitor and support the wellbeing of your headteachers

Be clear on how you can monitor your headteachers' wellbeing and make sure they feel supported. Use our audit tool to identify any stressors and agree actions to manage them.

Last reviewed on 18 July 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Have regular meetings with your headteachers
  2. Questions to ask during catch-ups
  3. Audit for potential stressors 
  4. Spot the signs that your headteachers need help
  5. Know where to get further support for your headteachers

This article is aimed at trust leaders, to help you support the headteachers in your schools.

Have regular meetings with your headteachers

Agree how you will hold meetings with each headteacher individually. Ideally, at the beginning of the academic year you'll:

  • Decide how you’ll communicate
    • Phone, email, video conferencing – whatever you and your headteachers choose should be tailored to how each of your headteachers works best
  • Set a schedule
    • This will be based on when your headteachers would prefer you to contact them, including time of day and how often. Try and establish the same weekly/fortnightly slot, so you’re all clear on what’s expected and no one feels overloaded
    • Have wellbeing as an agenda item in your meetings with headteachers

Make sure you co-ordinate with the chairs of your local governing bodies (LGBs). If