Save time and improve wellbeing by cutting down internal meetings

Find practical advice on how to reduce meetings in your school.

Last reviewed on 28 February 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Reduce pressure and save time 
  2. Ideas to reduce time spent in meetings 
  3. Introduce gradually, embed thoroughly

Reduce pressure and save time 

Cutting down on meetings should free up valuable time for staff, as well as reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

Give staff the chance to feed back which meetings they find valuable, and trial cutting back or ditching the ones they don't. Take a look at our article for more support on creating a staff survey.

Use the extra time to give your staff a longer PPA slot than your statutory requirement, or for additional CPD.

Ideas to reduce time spent in meetings 

Give staff greater autonomy

Consider whether you could let staff access virtual meetings/briefings when it’s most convenient for them.

For example, when you need to share information rather than ask for input, you could record your briefings so that staff can watch them in their own time.

Start streamlining your meetings by choosing your top 3 areas of focus. These might be set out in your SIP,