Save time and improve wellbeing by cutting down internal meetings

The Duston School made meetings both more effective and more enjoyable when it condensed them in response to coronavirus restrictions. Here’s how principal Sam Strickland gives his staff at least 3 hours of their week back and how you can too.

Last reviewed on 22 December 2020
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. In a nutshell
  2. 3 reasons to try this 
  3. It’ll work for you if…
  4. Only meet about your top 3 priorities
  5. Swap weekly meetings for daily check-ins
  6. Brief staff and pupils at the same time 
  7. Give staff ownership of their time
  8. Introduce gradually, embed thoroughly 

In a nutshell

Coronavirus has forced you to make certain changes in your school, many of which you’ll want to revert as soon as possible. However, cutting down meetings due to social distancing requirements may well have worked wonders for staff wellbeing. 

This is the case at The Duston School. Staff now attend: 

  • A 15-minute online briefing each week (which they can access whenever suits them)  
  • A 1-hour departmental meeting every week 
  • Eight 2-hour twilights per term (taken from their 5 INSET days, so staff are given 3 days off in lieu)   

They also hear any messages that Sam gives to pupils at the beginning of each day. 

The SLT also attends a 15-30 minute daily check-in after school, which used to be a much lengthier meeting on a Monday evening.  

3 reasons to try this 

As your SLT will have an opportunity to speak to you every day, they