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  • Calculating rates of pay How do we calculate daily and hourly rates of pay? We relay advice on how to calculate the daily and hourly rates of pay of full-time and part-time teachers. We also look at daily rates of pay for supply and agency teachers, as well as support staff.
  • Pay statements and outcome letters for teachers: templates UpdatedDownload and adapt our template pay statements and letters to inform your staff about their pay review outcomes.
  • Teachers' pay calculators Is there a teachers' pay calculator? We link to examples of pay calculators, and explain that the Department for Education (DfE) is no longer publishing an official pay calculator.
  • Upper pay range (UPR) application forms Download our template application form for your teachers to use when applying to the UPR, also known as 'crossing the threshold'. Also, look at examples of local authority and school application forms to help you with creating your own.
  • Upper pay range (UPR): criteria to meet when applying What criteria must a teacher meet to move to the upper pay range? We relay advice from three of our associate education experts on interpreting the criteria for progression onto the upper pay range (UPR). We also include a case study from a teaching school.
  • Upper pay range (UPR): eligibility and application process We set out the criteria in the STPCD for applying to the UPR. We also look at advice published by the DfE on accessing the UPR, eligibility and applications.