Pay and progression

Leadership group pay and progression

6 articles
  • Additional payments for headteachers
    Headteachers can receive temporary payments on top of their salary, and may still receive discretionary payments given to them in the past. Includes guidance from the STPCD and the DfE.
  • Assistant/deputy headteachers: calculating pay ranges
    Understand how to set pay ranges for new assistant and deputy headteachers. Plus, find out when you should review pay ranges, how to set pay differentials and how to pay those in an acting role.
  • Headteacher pay progression
    Understand how headteacher pay is determined and see an example pay progression policy.

Pay for additional responsibilities

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  • Changing teaching and learning responsibilities (TLRs)
    Learn about the circumstances under which TLR structures can be changed, as well as when salary safeguarding applies. Also get to grips with what you need to do if changing the duties of a TLR post, and whether you can phase out TLRs altogether.
  • Payments for overtime and out-of-school-hours activities
    Teachers and support staff can receive additional payment for working extra hours, including taking part in pupils' additional learning activities. Understand the guidance and how to calculate daily and hourly rates.
  • SEN allowances for teachers
    Know the rules on awarding special educational needs (SEN) allowances, including who should get one and how much they should receive.

Support staff pay and progression

4 articles

Teachers' pay and progression

6 articles
  • Pay award for teachers in 2023
    Find the pay ranges from the STPCD all in 1 place, including the teacher pay ranges and teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payments for 2023/24. Be clear on how to apply them, and download our cheat sheet to keep the information on hand.
  • Pay progression on the MPR and UPR
    Teachers employed under the STPCD must be considered for pay progression annually. See guidance on judging teacher performance on the main pay range (MPR) and upper pay range (UPR). You'll also find expert advice on how to assess teachers' performance and who ultimately makes the decision.
  • Recruitment and retention awards
    Read guidance, including union advice, on when staff can receive recruitment or retention awards. Download our template letter for notifying teachers when you want to grant a payment.

Teachers' pay: processes and procedures

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