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  • Changing teaching and learning responsibilities (TLRs) Learn about the circumstances under which TLR structures can be changed, as well as when salary safeguarding will apply, what you need to do if changing the duties of a TLR post, and whether you can phase out TLRs altogether.
  • Payments for overtime and out-of-school hours activities Is there guidance on paying staff for work done outside of their contracted hours? We look at guidance on additional payments for teachers who participate in out-of-school learning activities. We also look at overtime pay for support staff and senior leaders.
  • SEN allowances for teachers Know the rules on awarding special educational needs (SEN) allowances, including which roles you'll need to pay them to and how to determine how much to award. Also find out whether SEN allowances can be held with a TLR payment, and when you can withdraw an SEN allowance.
  • SENCOs: additional payments Are teachers entitled to a pay increase if they become SENCOs? This article looks at provisions in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) for additional allowances for teachers.
  • Subject leadership without a TLR Can teachers be given subject leadership responsibilities without a TLR? We look at the requirements set out in the STPCD, and relay advice from a union and One Education.
  • Teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payments Know the rules around what you can award, the criteria teachers need to meet, and the payment values this year.
  • Time off in lieu (TOIL) There’s no statutory entitlement to TOIL, so it’s for you to decide whether to offer this to staff. Read on for more on TOIL for teachers and support staff, so you can decide what to do in your school.