Last reviewed on 24 March 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 9378

The pay award for 2021-22 has been agreed. Understand what's changed, so you can reflect any increases in your budget.

Understand the pay award for 2021-22

Under the National Joint Council (NJC) pay award for 2021-22:

  • Staff on pay point 1 will receive a 2.75% rise
  • Staff on pay points 2 and above will receive a 1.75% rise

This is payable from 1 April 2021.  

This is the same as the initial offer made on 27 July 2021.

Access a copy of the NJC pay scales (scroll down to the bottom of the text and select the sentence that starts with 'click here'). 

London pay scales

The Greater London Provincial Council (GLPC) pay scales, used by many London councils, are in place for 2021-22. 

Download a copy of GLPC pay scales from Croydon Council. The 2021-22 pay scale is in the 'HR' section and called '2021 GLPC Pay Scale'.

Check contracts of employment and your school's pay policy for support staff to find out whether you need to apply any NJC agreed pay