Last reviewed on 12 October 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 5850

Headteachers can receive temporary payments on top of their salary, and may still receive discretionary payments given to them in the past. See guidance from the STPCD and the Department for Education.

Governing boards can award payments for temporary duties

The duties or responsibilities must be: 

  • Clearly temporary
  • In addition to the post for which your headteacher's salary was determined

Governing boards cannot take additional payments into consideration when they're determining the headteacher's pay range.

This is explained in section 10 of the STPCD (see pages 17-18).

There are 2 limits in place

  • Temporary payments in any school year must not exceed 25% of your headteacher's annual salary
  • The sum of your headteacher's salary and temporary payments must not be more than 25% above the maximum of the headteacher group (see our article on leadership pay for more about headteacher groups)

In exceptional circumstances, your governing board may award temporary payments which exceed the 25% limits, but they must:

  • Seek external independent advice
  • Produce a business case

Read more about paying headteachers above the headteacher group for further advice on doing this.

Before 2014, the STPCD included