Job offer letter: template

Download our template job offer letter to save yourself some time and make sure you're including the right information. You'll also find more information on written statements of terms and conditions of employment.

Last reviewed on 11 June 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Template
  2. Written statement of terms and conditions of employment


We worked with one of our associate education experts, Helen Cooper, to create a job offer letter for you to download and adapt.

Use the yellow highlighted text to help you adapt it to suit the role you're appointing someone to, and to meet your school's needs.

We also referred to guidance from Acas when creating this letter.

The letter includes information about checks that need to be done. In another of our articles, you'll find a downloadable checklist of checks for new school staff.

Written statement of terms and conditions of employment

See here for the latest details on what this statement should include and when you need