Recruitment and induction

Advertising and applications

2 articles
  • Job adverts: requirements and guidance
    Find out which roles you're required to advertise for under staffing regulations. Plus, get up to speed on the expectations in KCSIE for what to include in your job advert.
  • Recruiting school staff: template application form
    Adapt our template job application form for all your teaching and support staff roles. Find out when you can ask about criminal records and be clear on your requirements when recruiting staff who are from, or have lived or worked, outside the UK.

Early career teacher (ECT) induction

5 articles

Induction and probation

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Interviewing and selection

6 articles
  • Holding an interview: template record sheet
    Use our downloadable interview record sheet to set out your questions and score candidates' responses when you're interviewing for school staff.
  • Holding an interview: your step-by-step guide
    Know the rules and best practice for organising and running interviews for any role. Learn about who should sit on the panel, how to prepare your questions and how to stay compliant with discrimination law. Plus, see our safer recruitment tips for interviews.
  • Reference request for volunteers: guidance and templates
    You should seek references for volunteers to help check their suitability to volunteer in your school. Download our template reference request forms and get advice on what to do if it's difficult to get references.

Interview questions and tasks

Browse curated lists of interview questions and tasks for roles in your school, or use our interactive tool to create a bespoke interview pack that's tailored to your job description

Interactive tool

Create a bespoke interview pack New

Interviewing for a role that's more tailored to your school? Create a bespoke list of questions and tasks to match your job description and person specification

Interview questions and tasks by role

Job offers and pre-employment checks

10 articles
  • Checks for agency staff
    Understand which checks you must carry out on agency staff such as supply teachers. Find out whether you need to get DBS certificates and what to record on the SCR, and download a template form to record written confirmation of checks.
  • Checks for new school staff, governors and trustees
    Use our checklist to stay compliant with all the pre-employment checks you need to carry out and record for new staff, volunteers, governors and trustees.
  • Checks for staff who have lived or worked overseas
    You must make 'appropriate' further checks on staff who have lived or worked outside the UK. Find out how to mitigate risk early on in the process, assess risks with your candidates and what 'appropriate' further checks you can carry out.

Recruitment processes and requirements

7 articles
  • Employing teachers from overseas: what you need to know
    Find out how Brexit has changed your requirements when hiring teachers from overseas. See how these teachers can get qualified teacher status (QTS), and understand how to recruit them – by becoming a visa sponsor or by other routes.
  • How to manage a criminal records disclosure
    Learn how to handle disclosures of criminal records information on a self-disclosure form or DBS check. Use our templates to help you discuss the issue with the candidate and assess their suitability for the role.
  • How to recruit internally
    Learn how to recruit existing staff into a new role at your school fairly, and download our handy checklist to make the process easier.