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  • Holding an interview: your step-by-step guide Know the rules and best practice for organising and running interviews for any role. Learn about who should sit on the panel, how to prepare your questions and how to stay compliant with anti-discrimination law.
  • Interview lessons in recruitment: advice Is there advice on sample interview lessons? We relay guidance from One Education and our associate education experts on choosing the location and class and setting the task, and on what to look for in interview lessons.
  • Interview lessons: observation forms See example forms for observing and evaluating lessons delivered by candidates for teaching posts, and see links to download our model lesson observation form.
  • Recruitment interview record sheets and response scoring systems Use our downloadable interview record sheet to set out your questions and candidates' responses when you're interviewing for school staff. You'll also find examples of response scoring systems.
  • Reference request forms for school staff Are there any reference request forms for school staff? This article has a downloadable KeyDoc template for a reference request form, which we worked with one of our associate experts to produce, as well as an example from a school. It also points to further articles from The Key.
  • Reference request for volunteers: guidance and templates UpdatedYou should seek references for volunteers to help check their suitability to volunteer in your school. Download our template reference request forms and get advice on what to do if it's difficult to get references.
  • Seeking references for school staff Understand how to seek references appropriately. We explain what is set out in statutory guidance, how to make reference requests and what information to ask for.
  • Shortlisting candidates: template and guidance Download our shortlisting template to help you identify which candidates to invite for interview. Find out how to make sure your process is fair and that you shortlist the right people.
  • Unsuccessful job applicants: template letters Are there templates for letters to unsuccessful job applicants? We point to sample letters produced by local authorities for their schools to inform applicants they have been unsuccessful at the shortlisting and post-interview stages. We also link to an example from a multi-academy trust.