A guide to subject leader handbooks

Find out what should be included in a subject leader handbook, how it differs from a subject leader file, and how it can help you prepare for Ofsted inspections.

Last reviewed on 7 February 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Subject leader handbooks vs files
  2. What should be in your handbook?
  3. Handbooks can prepare you for Ofsted 'deep-dives'

Subject leader handbooks vs files

Both documents are designed to help subject leaders organise all the information about the role and help you perform it well.

  • Handbooks should contain information about how to do the job, including self-reviews and evaluations about how the department is performing
  • Files should contain information about what the job involves

Who else has access to them? If colleagues can access your handbook, consider putting sensitive pupil or staffing information in your file instead How long you want each document to be? If your handbook is a brief record of the most important information, it might not be the best place for in-depth analysis How you want