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  • Checklist for school premises maintenance Use our checklist to help you maintain your premises and meet your statutory health and safety duties. It outlines how often you should carry out the tasks, for example whether they’re daily, weekly, termly or annual.
  • Displaying information in school Is there information we must display on the school premises? We list the official notices that must be displayed on school premises. We also relay advice from 2 of our associate education experts on displays in the reception area and staffroom.
  • Dogs on the school grounds If you're deciding whether to allow dogs on your school site, read up on the relevant rules here, including health and safety law, Public Spaces Protection Orders, and equality law.
  • Information for visitors to the school Are there disclaimers for visitors to the school to sign? In this article, we look at examples of how schools provide information on key issues, such as safeguarding, fire safety and first aid, to visitors. We also relay advice from one of our experts on asking visitors to sign such information.
  • Maintenance of school premises: duties It is good practice for you to carry out premises inspections to help you stay compliant with your statutory duties under health and safety law. Read guidance on your statutory duties and the areas that you should inspect, including asbestos management and fire safety.
  • Managing contractors for premises works Is there health and safety guidance on using contractors for premises works? This article outlines advice from one of our associate experts, the Education Funding Agency, and a local authority. You will also find a checklist from the Health and Safety Executive.
  • Premises hire: guidance Thinking about letting your school premises? Be clear what you need to consider before you get started, like how to set your rates. Plus, know what you should think about when managing the letting process and approving the hirer.
  • Rolling maintenance schedule: template Stay on top of decoration and maintenance at your school by downloading our rolling maintenance schedule and following our guidance on maintaining your school building.
  • School premises lettings agreements Understand what sort of letting agreement is appropriate for your needs and look at examples of conditions of hire from schools and a local authority to help you when writing your own agreement.
  • Use of schools as polling stations During an election, your school may be asked to serve as a polling station. Learn about what the rules are here, how to decide whether to close your school, and what to do if school events are scheduled to happen on election day.
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  • Asset registers: template and guidance Use our template asset register to keep track of your inventory and help you accurately budget for replacements, insurance.
  • No more cramped classrooms: switch to flexible seating, for less than you'd think Double your floor space and swap clattering chairs for calm and concentration. Every day for year 6 at Soho Parish Primary is safer and more stimulating since their classroom got a 'flexible seating' makeover on a £1,000 budget. Here's how you can do this, too.
  • Using CCTV cameras in school You can still have CCTV cameras in your school under the GDPR, provided you have a lawful basis for doing so. Read on to learn about how your school's CCTV processes may be impacted by the GDPR, and find out what you should think about if you're considering installing CCTV.
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