Premises and facilities

Building and site management

7 articles
  • Displaying information in school
    Understand your requirements to display certain information around the school, and read tips on how best to present information in your reception area and staffroom.
  • Information for school visitors
    Find out what information you should share with visitors to your school and in what format, including safeguarding and practical advice. Also see examples of how other schools communicate with visitors.
  • Managing contractors for premises work: health and safety guidance
    Familiarise yourself with health and safety guidance on using contractors for premises works, and find a checklist from the Health and Safety Executive to help you keep track.

Building design and requirements

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Facilities and equipment

2 articles
  • Asset register: template and guidance
    Use our template asset register to keep track of your inventory and help you accurately budget for replacements and insurance.
  • Using CCTV cameras in school
    You can have CCTV cameras in your school under the UK GDPR, provided you have a lawful basis for doing so. Learn about how the UK GDPR might impact your school's CCTV processes, and find out what you should consider before installing CCTV.