Health and safety audit: template and examples

Use our template to help you conduct a health and safety audit in your school. See examples of audit and inspection checklists from local authorities.

Last reviewed on 21 June 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Download our template
  2. Local authority checklists
  3. Checklists for classrooms
  4. You don't need a specific qualification to carry out your school's audit

Download our template

It contains a list of questions relating to health and safety in schools, with space for you to record comments and actions to take alongside each question. The audit covers topics such as:

  • Accident reporting
  • External areas and access arrangements
  • Vehicles
  • Security
  • Trips and visits
  • Work experience

Schools are advised to regularly review their health and safety policy, or at least annually and following any health and safety-related incident. For more information see the DfE's health and safety duties for schools (section 11).

Local authority checklists

If you're a maintained school, your local authority (LA) may set health and safety requirements for you. 

These could include specific audit requirements, so check with them before you start.

Suffolk County Council has a form for schools to carry out their own self audit, though schools are not required to use that specific one. You can access