Health and safety

  • Keeping school pets: guidance
    Get guidance on whether keeping a pet is right for your school. Learn about keeping and handling animals, and see an example of a pet policy from a school.
  • Managing late collection of pupils
    Get expert advice on what to do if parents don't collect their children from school on time or fail to collect them. See examples of school policies on late or non-collection.
  • Schools' duty of care to pupils
    Find out about your school's duty of care to pupils, when you might be held liable for an injury and how to minimise the risk of this happening.
  • Accident recording and reporting: requirements and guidance
    Get to grips with the statutory requirements for recording and reporting accidents and incidents on your school site, including the additional rules for early years settings and special schools.
  • Emergency school closures: guidance
    Understand when you can close your school in an emergency. Find out how and when to contact your local authority and parents, and how to request an Ofsted inspection deferral due to emergency closure.
  • Fire drills: guidance
    Understand best practice around running fire drills, and see examples of fire drill and evacuation information from a school and a local authority.