Administering medicines: template record forms

Find templates for recording medication administered to all pupils and to individual pupils, and guidance on how long to store these records.

Last reviewed on 1 February 2024
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  1. Record for all pupils
  2. Record for an individual pupil
  3. Storing records

Record for all pupils

The DfE has published a series of templates alongside its statutory guidance on supporting pupils with medical conditions – see the 2nd document down, 'supporting pupils with medical conditions: templates'.

Use template D to record medicine administered to all pupils. It contains space to record:

  • Pupil details
  • Staff details
  • The name and dose of medicine given

Make sure you keep a record of all medicines given to pupils, to show that you've followed the correct procedures. This is in the DfE's guidance linked above  see the 1st document on the list (paragraph 22).

For more support, see our article on administering medicines in school.

Record for an individual pupil

Use template C on the DfE's templates document to record medicine administered to an individual pupil.

It has space to record:

It then provides multiple