Last reviewed on 6 October 2021
School types: Independent · School phases: All
Ref: 30421

Find out which information you're required to make available to parents and what you must publish on your website, if you have one. Use our checklist to help you stay compliant.

Use our checklist to help you meet your requirements 

The checklist shows:

  • What information you must make available to parents
  • What information you must publish on your school's website (if you have one) 

Significant updates to this checklist October 2021  If your school took part in the DfE's 2021 summer schools programme, you must publish brief details about it by the end of October 2021 – this should include what funding you received and a breakdown of how you spent it. June 2021  We updated our checklist to clarify that you must publish a written statement of your relationships and sex education (RSE) policy. Note this requirement is not included in the DfE's list of what must be published online. However, the requirement is outlined in section 12 of the The Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education