Last reviewed on 28 April 2020
School types: All · School phases: All
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See examples of risk assessments for indoor and outdoor physical education.

Examples from the Ministry of Defence

Service Children’s Education, a branch of the Ministry of Defence responsible for supporting the education of children of the UK armed forces, has risk assessments for indoor and outdoor PE.

The assessment for indoor PE risk asks questions such as: 

  • Is the floor surface in good condition?
  • Is safety glazing provided in all areas used for ball games?
  • Is the equipment appropriate for the age group concerned?
  • Are pupils wearing appropriate clothing/footwear for the planned activity?

The assessment for outdoor areas looks at the hazards of activities including:

  • Games including hockey, football, rugby, netball
  • Racket games
  • Running
  • Throwing events

Example from a local authority

Active Essex (who work alongside Essex County Council) have risk assessments for dance, gym, games and athletics

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