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  • Assessment requirements for EYFS framework 2021 Learn about the 3 statutory requirements under the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework 2021 and the role of your local authority, and how these differ from the 2017 framework.
  • Reception baseline assessment All new primary school pupils will be expected to take the reception baseline assessment from September 2021. Find out how it works so you're prepared to carry it out.
  • Tracking progress in the EYFS How can we track progress in the early years? This articles looks at how Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) providers can track and demonstrate progress.
  • Tracking progress of pupils with SEN in the EYFS How do we assess pupils with SEN who are working below the EYFS profile? This article cites advice from the STA and 3 experts on assessing pupils with special educational needs in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We also link to additional development tracking methods.
  • Tracking pupil progress in the EYFS: proformas Are there proformas for tracking progress using the EYFS framework? This article features a KeyDoc with a template assessment tracker, created with one of our associate education experts. It also has a KeyDoc for a cohort tracker, to help schools look at EYFS data for an entire cohort.