Last reviewed on 28 September 2023
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Use these examples of science policies for inspiration if you're reviewing your own policy. Find examples from maintained primary schools and primary academies.

It's not a statutory requirement to have a science policy, but many schools choose to have one. 

See how other schools approach this policy in the examples below, and read our article on how to develop a school policy if you need more guidance.

Maintained schools

Wattville Primary School in Birmingham has a science policy that includes:

  • The role of the subject leader
  • The scientific knowledge to be taught
  • How to work scientifically
  • Equal opportunities and inclusion
  • Safety considerations
  • Parental involvement

Marsh Lane Primary School in Derbyshire has a science policy that covers:

  • Curriculum planning
  • Teaching strategies 
  • Assessment
  • Teaching resources
  • The responsibilities of the subject leader
  • Health and safety considerations


Buckland CofE Primary School in Oxfordshire has a science policy including:

  • Curriculum planning and teaching approaches
  • How pupils will be taught to work scientifically
  • Equal opportunities and how pupils' individual needs will be met
  • The use of ICT
  • How to work safely

How children will work scientifically The types of enquiry