Last reviewed on 10 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find out what to include in your collection and walking home alone policy. See examples of policies from primary schools.

What to include in your collection and walking home alone policy

  • The options available around collection and children walking home alone
  • What requirements you have for these options - e.g. at what age a child is allowed to walk home alone or how old someone has to be in order to collect a child from school
  • Your policy on late collection
  • Any advice you have for parents in choosing between options - e.g. what to consider when deciding whether a child can walk home alone safely
  • How parents should inform the school of their chosen option, including when they want to make changes
  • Remind parents that they're responsible for their child's safety outside of school

Read our articles on how to organise pupil collection arrangements and managing late collection for more information.

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