Last reviewed on 11 November 2022
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See examples of positive handling policies from primary and secondary schools, as well as a special school and a MAT. Use these examples to help you write your school's policy.

Primary school policies

Maintained school in Wandsworth

St Mary's CE Primary School's positive handling policy includes:

  • When physical intervention can be used
  • Dos and don'ts when using positive handling
  • Recording incidents
  • Post-incident support

Maintained school in Oxford

St Edmund's Catholic Primary School explains in its policy:

  • That only staff who have had Team Teach training will use positive handling techniques on children
  • When and how physical restraint may be used
  • How the school uses positive handling plans

The policy also includes a template positive handling plan.

Secondary school policy

Ryburn Valley High School’s policy on positive handling explains the rationale behind the policy and covers:

  • Who may use physical intervention and when
  • The location of 'intervention removal areas'
  • Training

Special school policy

Herons Dale School's positive handling policy explains that the aim of positive handling is to maintain a safe environment for pupils and staff. 

The policy covers:

It also explains that