Last reviewed on 22 April 2022
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Find examples of policies on the education of looked-after children (LAC) and previously LAC from primary, secondary and special schools.

Primary school examples

Community school in Wandsworth

Riversdale Primary School's looked-after children (LAC) policy covers:

  • Circumstances in which a child may become looked after
  • Social and emotional issues that LAC may face
  • The role and responsibilities in relation to LAC of:
    • The designated teacher for LAC
    • All staff
    • Governors
  • Sharing information about LAC
  • Staff training
  • Personal education plans

Access the policy from this webpage (scroll down to 'Additional policies' to find 'Looked-After Children Policy').

Academy in Gloucestershire

A LAC policy from Charlton Kings Junior School sets out:

  • A definition of LAC
  • The school's aims and intentions regarding LAC
  • The role and responsibilities of the designated teacher for LAC
  • The role and responsibilities of the governing body in relation to LAC

Nominate a designated teacher for LAC who will act as their advocate and co-ordinate support for them Nominate a school governor to ensure that the needs of LAC in the school are taken into account at a