Last reviewed on 30 August 2018
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Use our downloadable role description to help you write a job description for a designated teacher for looked after children (LAC) and previously LAC. See what other schools have included in their job descriptions, and get guidance and a template to help you write your own.

Download our role description

Use our role description as a starting point, and adapt it to suit your context. It is not a comprehensive list of all of the responsibilities and tasks that the designated teacher will carry out.

Examples of job descriptions

Designated teacher for LAC

Woodchurch High School's job description for a designated teacher for LAC sets out:

  • The postholder's principal responsibilities
  • How they will promote the educational achievement of these pupils
  • Their role in developing personal education plans (PEPs)
  • Their relationship with external stakeholders

You can find the job description on pages 69-71 of the school's SEND policy, which is linked to at the top of the school's 'SEN offer' page.

Inclusion leader with designated teacher responsibilities

Edwards Hall